Gresham Dental Practice

Gresham Dental Practice

Green Sail Transitions is excited to announce another outstanding Gresham practice purchase opportunity. This one will go very fast, so don’t delay!


This is a highly profitable PPO practice that collects over $1.2 million on just 3.5 doctor days each week. 2014 collections were $1,112,358, 2015 collections were $1,234,816 and 2016 collections were $1,215,546. There are 4.5 hygiene days each week. The office is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Every other Saturday the office runs double hygiene. The practice receives about 106 new patients each month. There are a total of 4,524 active patients per the practice software, and it’s estimated that roughly 20% of the patient base is OHP. The treatment mix includes: 19.29% Diagnostic, 41.92% Restorative, 8.41% Preventative, 8.71% Perio and 7.73% Oral Surgery. 


The clinic is housed in a 2-tenant building that is owned by the practice seller and can also be purchased.

The clinic is 2,700 square feet with 7 fully equipped operatories. There are 2 restrooms, 2 private offices, a lab, a large sterilization room, a break room, a digital panorex, endodontic equipment, ScanX, and more. There is a large private parking lot.

The adjacent space is empty and was also a dental clinic. It is 1,200 square feet with 5 plumbed operatories.

The lease for the current clinic space is $6,000 all inclusive (you pay only general utilities) or the building can be purchased.


  • 2,700 square feet, with potentially 1,200 more available 
  • 7 operatories, with potentially 5 more available
  • 2 restrooms
  • Digital Panorex
  • ScanX
  • Large, attractive reception area 
  • 2 private offices 
  • Sterilization
  • Lab
  • Private parking lot
  • Dentrix software
  • Endo equipment

Don’t miss this opportunity!!