Traveling Doctor Seeking Locum Tenens Positions In Oregon (2-4 Weeks at a Time)


Grew up in St George, UT. Graduated from Dixie College and then on to the University of Utah. Dental school in Louisville, KY from 1976 to May 1980.

Years of Experience


Desired Location


Full-Time/ Part-Time?

Part Time; Locum Tenens; 2-4 weeks at a time

Number of Days

2-4 weeks

Procedures Proficient at Completing

Basic Restorative, Advanced Restorative, Endodontics: all teeth, Oral Surgery routine and selected difficult cases, Prosthodontics: Fixed and Removable (both partial and full dentures), Basic periodontal procedures, Invisalign and Clear Correct certified, Restoration of Implants, Hygiene (all aspects)


I have practiced general dentistry since my graduation in 1980. I currently hold a Basic Healthcare CPR Certification, which is required for all states in which I practice. In addition to the dental aspects of a practice, I managed my own practice for 35 years including the Human Resources aspects and the financial aspects. I am seeking locum tenens positions throughout Oregon for 2-4 weeks at a time.

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