Pediatric Dentist Looking For Position, Partnership, or Purchase in Portland or Seattle Metro


Originally from East TN

Years of Experience

2 general practice + 2 pediatric residency

Desired Location

Portland Metro or Seattle Metro



Number of Days


Procedures Proficient at Completing

All pediatric procedures + general dentistry experience


The biggest thing for me is finding a practice I like that is well-run and has great communication. Clearly defined roles, fair compensation, and organization I think are what keep people coming back and staying at a practice; DSO, small group, or private practice doesn’t make too much of a difference to me. Other than that, I would like a practice that is busy and sees a variety of patients. I’m comfortable with light sedations, hospital or mobile anesthesia, and patient management to the extent the practice operates. I’m happy serving a variety of patients, whether it’s private insurance, cash, or Medicaid. They all need dental care, and I’d be happy to help whoever needs the help. I’m also okay with someone who would like an associate or someone that would eventually become a partner. I’m drawn to the PNW mainly for outdoor opportunities. Growing up in the Smoky Mountains, I didn’t realize how spoiled I was until I left for school, and I’m ready to get back. I am laid back when needed, but driven and complete tasks efficiently and quickly.

Desired Start Timeframe

Next Year