Experienced Orthodontist Seeking Locum Tenens or Part-Time Position in Portland Metro


Fitchburg, Massachusetts, then post residency – 14 years in Marin County, CA

Years of Experience

17, with 11+ years of solo private practice

Desired Location

Portland Metro


Part-time/Locum Tenens

Number of Days?


Procedures Proficient at Completing?

Comfortable with most orthodontic appliances and bracket types


In 2016 I sold my orthodontic practice in Sonoma County, CA so that my family could relocate to the Portland area to allow my kids the benefit of growing up with extended family nearby. As difficult as that was for me (very!!), I am so glad I did it. Every time I see my kids with their extended family and witness the relationships they now have with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, I know we made the right decision. After taking some time off to settle my family in, I felt it was time to go back to the work I love. I truly enjoy practicing orthodontics and look forward to joining a new practice family as a part-time associate or helping someone out by filling in for a leave of absence or even an extended vacation.

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