Associate Candidate with 1.5 Years of Experience Seeking Position in Oregon


Kaysville, UT

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General restorative dentistry, premolar and anterior endo, dentures and oral appliances, crown and bridge, and moderate oral surgery. Eager to learn and become proficient at new procedures.


I’m looking for an associateship in Oregon (open to all of central and western region). Currently living in Ohio (working in a rural area) and am ready to head back west. The fun outdoor activities are what draw me and my young family to the area. I have an interest in pursuing ownership in the future but finding a good fit is most important. I am eager to learn and continue to develop skills and become proficient in new procedures. I’m currently working as a solo doc for a small group and am open to small DSOs or private practices as well. I’m an easy going person and enjoy working with all types of patients. I am fluent in Portuguese and competent speaking Spanish. Ideal start date would be summer of 2022 but can be flexible.

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